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music you can use
At 251 we provide music you can use. Whether it's for a 30-second promo spot on the local TV station or a batch of incidental music for your play or even the score for your indie film that's going to get picked up at Sundance. (I'm rooting for you too!) I'll write it, record it, and give it to you on a platter (or a disk, or flash drive, or upload to your FTP site.)


how we do what we do

The best of both worlds. I have people who make sounds, and computers to do fancy stuff to the sounds we make. Whether writing in the studio or on the fly, collaboration is the key to making it all work. You can be involved as much as you like and we'll work to make the music fit what you need.


Hold Music - Medical Office demo
Hold Music - Medical Office Loop
 Miami Nights demo
Save Me


christopher cole, principal
Sounds fascinate me. I've been singing and playing since I can remember. I went to music school, sang in choirs and bands, and wrote songs and symphonies and jazz band charts. Living in Chicago since 1992, I've split my time between writing, producing, and playing music, and working as a creative technologist supporting agencies and designers.

251 Music is an outgrowth of those two worlds. A place where music and technology come together to create music you can use.


what we can do for you
• recording & producing
• original scoring for film
• songwriting and co-writing
• incidental music for theatre


want to know more?
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